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About The Book

Aching Hearts

This book is a heart-warming love story that follows the lives of two open-minded individuals, Robin Carr and Kabine Conde, who are from different religious and cultural backgrounds. The story is centered around their love for each other, their dreams, and aspirations for a future together.

As a strong Christian believer and a single mother, Robin's life takes an unexpected turn when she meets Kabine, a Muslim bank worker who is ambitious and passionate. Despite their different religious beliefs and cultural backgrounds, Robin and Kabine fall in love and want to get married.

However, their families and friends have their own opinions on the matter, causing concern and raising questions about how their different beliefs and cultures will affect their future together. As the story unfolds, the reader will be taken on a journey of love, self-discovery, and faith as Robin and Kabine navigate their way through challenges and obstacles to be together.

It explores their meeting, their courtship, and the eventual separation caused by the concerns raised by their families and friends. Ultimately, the story highlights the importance of love and acceptance, despite their differences, and the power of faith and self-belief in overcoming obstacles.

Why Read It

Aching Hearts

Whether you're still in the midst of your pain or further along in your healing journey, Aching Hearts provides a relatable and empowering perspective on the complexities of human relationships. You'll find yourself nodding along with the stories of others and feeling a sense of connection and understanding that can be hard to come by when you're feeling lost and alone